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the 2017 match?

I've already finished CS.

I havent finished Step1 or Step2 ck.

I heard CK needs upto 6 weeks or so to get the result. I also heard ECFMG certification needs 8 weeks.

Could someone please advise me regarding the timeline that is in front of me:

When should i have completed the last exam which is CK?

When should I have completed ECFMG certification? (do i have to do any paper work for this? or automatically get certified as soon as all 3 results are available?)

When do i ask for LOR's? Get Eras token? Submit to ERAS?

When are the dates for these?

SOrry for the million questions.

ANy help would be much appreciated.

Just got a reality check that I might be losing one more year now. Freaking out.

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