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Your plan is OK

The ECFMG letter was sent to every ECFMG registrant and is not necessarily applicable to you.

That letter means that if you don't take the CS by December 31st 2010 then the results won't be available in time before the end of the match application deadline which is February 2011 and therefore you won't be able to match in March 2011. However, for practical purposes you even need to take the CS before December 2010 to match in March 2011 because in reality 99% of programs choose their interviewees by October or maximum November so for IMGs they will have minimal chances of actually getting the interview because the program director want to make sure that an IMG will actually pass the CS, the story maybe different for AMGs because they have over 95% pass rate in CS so they get interviews even if they don't have CS by the time of the interview but anyway they have to pass the CS before December 2010 so that the results are out before the rank order list which happens in end of February 2011.

Now, in your case, your plan is perfectly OK. Your are not applying for the 2011 match, you are applying for the 2012 match, so that letter does not apply for you. If you want to apply it for you then it must say (you have to take CS before December 31 2011, in order to be matched in March 2012).

Is that clear for you, please let me know if you still have doubts.
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