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Which antibiotic caused this clinical picture?

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A patient is being treated with an antibiotic for a vancomycin resistant enterococcal infection. He consumes an over the counter medication containing ephedrine and develop a significant spike of blood pressure that leads to a pounding headache. He is transported to the hospital. As part of the workup, blood tests indicate some bone marrow suppression. Which of the following antibiotics is most likely associated with this clinical picture?

A. Azithromycin
B. Ciprofloxacin
C. Erythromycin Estolate
D. Gentamicin
E. Linezolid
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I am probably wrong but for some reason Ciprofloxacin rings a bell.:))
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Hmm... tough one!

I know that chloramphenicol known to cause bone marrow suppression, it's not given as a choice here.

Next I'd say penicillin family can cause BMS eg. Piperacillin - not on the list

Linezolid can cause BMS by MOA UNKNOWN :eek::eek:
You are right!!!! Linezolid it is.:D
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