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Which enzyme decreased in this woman?

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Q NO 1: A 34-year-old female develops moderate hyperglycemia during her first pregnancy and is diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus. Her glycemic status improves markedly after delivery. She says that her mother and younger sister both had “high blood sugars” during pregnancy. If this patient’s gestational hyperglycemia is genetically predisposed, this patient is most likely to have decreased activity in which of the following enzymes?

A. Glucokinase
B. Phosphofructokinase
C. Aldolase
D. Pyruvate kinase
E. Enolase
F. Pyruvate carboxylase
G. Lactate dehydrogenase

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B. Phosphofructokinase

This is the main rate-limiting enzyme in glycolysis. Decreased activity of this enzyme means more glucose is left alone without undergoing glycolysis.
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