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Hi everyone,
Before I start studying more offensively, I wanted to test my current knowledge with the NMBE forms.
I saw posts where people say No7 is best prior to test taking.
Which one would be best for my pre-study evaluation?
Or maybe there is an NMBE alternative.

Sorry if there were posts on this one.
I couldn't find when I searched for "NMBE" or "NMBE form".


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You can have a look at this poll

In that poll you'll see that Form 7 is the most predictive and therefore you probably best to leave it until the end.

Now, depending on how many total NBME Forms you want to do, you can use that poll to find the least predictive to the most predictive.

For example if you want to take them all, then according to that poll, here's the order:
Form 5, then Form 1, then Form 4, then Form 2, then Form 3, then Form 6, then Form 7
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