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Hi, I can only afford to buy 2 forms and give them (one of them I will give 1 month before the exam and one 1 week before the exam), I was wondering if you guys can please suggest to me which 2 forms I should give (ex: form 6 - 1 month before, and form 7 - 1 week before)? And also, please let me know why your are suggesting the particular forms that you are suggest. THANKS and GOD BLESS YOU!

I know there is a Best NBME Form poll out there that says which is the best form...but i wanted opinion of people who have given these NBME tests (and possibly given the actual exam too).

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I've done NBME Forms 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 before my exam.
In my experience NBME Forms 6 and 3 were closest to the exam style.

However, many students are recently reporting that Form 7 is the most resembling to the actual exam.

So I suggest you do forms 6 and 7
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