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If I want to do Kaplan and USMLE World then in what sequence?

  • Do [URL=

    Votes: 30 65.2%
  • Do USMLE World then do [URL=

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  • Work on them together simultaneously

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Which Step 1 Qbank to start with; Kaplan or UWorld?

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I have done reading all my notes. I would like to do both Kaplan and UWorld. Which one to start 1st?? I know most of them start with Kaplan.

But since Kaplan is more closer to real exam, should I keep it to the last??

I'm confused. :confused:

There's a similar poll about Step 2 CK Qbanks here
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I think kaptest is to be done before uworld. Because uworld is more important but a bit harder than kaptest. So if you do kaptest, you should be ready to go for uworld.
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I read in First Aid that kaptest is closer to the exam and uworld is a bit hard. And its kinda true, I did kaptest before uworld, kaptest has straightforward questions, uworld, which I started recently is very conceptual, some of the questions just make your head spin.

Some of my seniors even went to the extent of suggesting doing kaptest offline and doing uworld online more than once.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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