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The most common reason for this is that you medical school has been signing the form by another individual. The ECFMG keeps a continuous record of who's signing the form in each medical school. If you were "unlucky" by being the first to have the form signed by a person that has not been signing the form before then they'll question the authenticity and the validitiy.
Another reason, is that your lecturers are not having a registrar's or dean's title. The signature should arise from someone in the dean office or the school's registrar. In any case your medical school should be fully aware of this issue.

So here' the plan for you;
-Contact your school and ask them who has been signing the form before and let him/her sign your form. If this is the first time your school is doing this then your school should contact ECFMG directly and tell them that person XYZ is the authorized person.

-If the above fails then you have to contact the ECFMG yourself and ask them where to go from here. Mind you that you may need to call several times before you can get a reasonable logical answer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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