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I am also the first one to do USMLE in my uni.

Dear Dr Elham,
I am also in the same situation you were when you graduated. I am the first who decided to do usmle too. now i dont know where to start. Let me ask you a question. Did your med school notify ECFMG that the chancellor is the authorized official? in other words , Did they have his name which was sent by the med school? or did they just tell you the chancellor is the only to sign?
in my case, my med school has just been added to IMED and there is no EMSWP account for the med school and there have never been a list sent to ecfmg about the authorized officials.
So now should I just call ECFMG and ask who is authorized? what is next please help me.

The case happening to u is the same as that happened for me.
I am also the first one who has decided to take USMLE. When I decided to take USMLE right after my graduation almost all of my classmates were making my jokes and telling me that we are a third world country and it's impossible for us to pass this hard exam and be a physician that could be equal to an American physician, however, I did not listen to them and went ahead. And now when I had a victory, most of them have also started the preparation now and now I am the only one in my country to guide our local physicians about USMLE.

My forms were also rejected :( the first time because I signed them by my dean , but he was not authorized by ECFMG. Then I called ECFMG and they told me that the only person from my medical school who is authorized by ECFMG is the chancellor of my university. Then I signed my form by the chancellor and it was then accepted and considered valid by ECFMG.

Please call ECFMG and ask them who is the authorized official of your university? I am sure they are going to tell u as they told me.

Wish u successfully completing ur registration process and afterward having a wonderful test result. :)
Go Ahead :p
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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