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OK am not sure if this is a step 1 (mechanism of disease) or CK question. But I've seen a couple of questions that emphasized the high cholestrol and hyponatremia in hypothyroid patients.
Does anyone know why is that?
I can't seem to understand the relationship :(

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The American Association of clinical endocrinologists states that hypothyroidism is the most common cause of secondary hypercholestrolemia and launched a campaign to educate the public about this issue and that's why it may frequently appear in USMLE questions.

I am not sure what is the exact mechanism but I'd hypothesize that when you have low thyroid activity then your basal metabolic rate and lots of metabolic activities get depressed including those that clear out the body of Cholestrol. :)

As for the hyponatremia it's not yet understood and some people have talked about an inability to suppress ADH and so it's water retention that's causing the hyponatremia.
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