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Placenta/Plasmatic Membrane

Hi, LemonTea.
I'll try to say it as simple as possible, Here's the thing:

Transport through placenta and trough plasma membrane depends on different factors:

Placenta: Blood Flow; Exchange Surface,Gestational Age (as pregnancy goes 2 term it becomes more permeable) and it happens through different mechanisms: Diffusion, Pinocitosis, Etc.

Plasma Membrane transport depends on size of the molecule, charge of the molecule...and here is astatement completely different from yours "Uncharged molecules pass through Plasma Membrane, not otherwise; remember the Negative Charge of Different Plasma Membrane Proteins repel Charged Molecules..."

Phenobarbital is Recommended 4 Prophylaxis and Pregnancy. See the connection? Anyway I hope this could help you but don't stop investigating though, to expand your knowledge and criteria.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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