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1- If you intend to do USMLE or get a scholarship for PhD course, you need to have at least some research knowledge and better to have already some publications , it is important in your medical C.V.

2- The medical world depends on what is known as EBM (Evidence Based Medicine), in short, medicine = knowledge based on evidence (research) + clinical experience + patient preferences . you need to keep up to date with the latest knowledge available in the world to be sure you are giving your patient the best care possible. if you don't, simply you will be left behind.

3- to be able to understand medical papers when you read one , to be able to correctly interpret them and not to be deceived by false results if present in the paper intentionally or not.

4- to decide on your own, when a medical representative shows you a new product and speaks highly about it, if it is really what he says it is or not, you need to be able to understand the line graphs, histograms ,....etc he shows you.

I don't know anything about research but want to have publications > 2 impact factor, How to start??

I advise you to join ORC (online research club) supervised by Dr. Nguyen Tien Huy, an Associate Professor from Nagasaki University, Japan.
Send a request to the entrance exam group and work your way up through the 10 modules to finally be selected as a student/co-author in few studies. Then you will be tutored by experienced members to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis. You can only request 1 module, finish it get the certificate and upload it in the group. Then immediately request a higher module. If you are not accepted within 24h, you can directly send Dr. Huy a message.
When you are able to join the main -secret- group after that , enter Files , you will find a note made by me organizing all the important posts in that group (i will keep it updated as much as i can) make yourself familiar with Dr. Huy rules and follow them, and enter into his studies.

Criteria: Transparent Facebook Account with information indicating that you are in the medical field.

Fanpage of ORC: search google: Online Research Club - Facebook
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