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Why USMLE Step 1 Score is more important than USMLE Step 2 Score

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People have been always asking whether step 1 or step 2 score is more important when they are being chosen for a residency program in US.

It has always been said that USMLE Step 1 score is far more important than Step 2 CK score.

But let's see why it's more important?

Here are the list or potential reasons for this phenomenon:
  1. Most of the US seniors and US graduates apply to the match while they still do not have Step 2 CK score ready yet. So it would be wise for the program director or whoever is selecting applicants to choose according Step 1 score as it is the only common denominator for all candidates.
  2. It has been generally perceived that USMLE step 1 is more difficult than Step 2 CK and therefore if a student is scoring high in step 1 he/she will stand out more prominently than in the case of a high Step 2 CK score which seems to be aced by most people.
  3. Program directors assume that you don't have yet sufficient clinical experience and therefore they are not panicked by a low Step 2 CK score as this will be there job, they will train you clinical skills and there's no harm if you are beginner.


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But Again, When you fail step 1 pass with a 193 on second time, but pass first time with a 255/99 on step 2, the program director cares more. I seen a guy CMG failed step 1 2 times passed with a 75, passed step 2 with a 99 got matched to EM last year from my school
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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