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I am taking step 1 in the 1st week of may.. then I will try my best to take CK by the mid of July.. I won't be able to take CS before mid of august .. my question is can I apply for the match 2011? if I will get registered by ECFMG till Oct then what will be the chances that I will get a residency in internal medicine?

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Your pathway is extremely difficult. You have to get good scores. 75 days reading for CK is usually insufficient (unless you are super crammer and a very recent graduate). See this thread

If you take CS in Mid August your report will be out in October 13

In such a scenario you have two options:
  1. Apply in September when you have Step1 and CK results and tell them that you are awaiting the CS results
  2. Wait until you get your CS results and then apply in late October
In both options above your chances are lower than the typical IMG applicant. Internal Medicine is becoming seriously more competitive year after year and you need to stand out from the crowd to get interviews.

My suggestion:
Prepone your Step1 one week and take it May 1st. Then immediately take the CS before May 15 (in this case you'll get CS results by July 15). See this thread to see how long it takes for CS prep
and see this article to know how to get an early CS date

Then after the CS take the CK in late August.

This way you will be able to have your ECFMG certificate ready in mid September yet you didn't compramise your initial exam prep schedule (75 days for the CK)
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