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Dear Doctors,
I am a 4th year international medical student applying for Clerkship at Yale. I have completed all my core clerkships. Almost everything is ready except for the choice of clerkship to take because I am not sure about the availability of slots for this clerkship I am given the chance to choose just two in order of preferences from which i will be granted one.
Anyone had experience with Clerkships at Yale as an international student?
Are there many slots available for applicants given that its very expensive?
I plant to start mid november 2011. I am sending in my application one of these days.
Any one done electives there or in any other institutes similar to Yale in either
Surgery (any subspecialty) or

I will be grateful for any experiences shared here.

p.s. I called the school and tried to talk with the program directors and was told that I won't be entertained just asking for available dates. please HELP. wana be sure its a sure deal before I apply.
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