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Nobody can deny that ebooks have started to disseminate and your USMLE references are no exempt.

Ebooks have features that are really convenient for us students. For example we no longer need to stuff our back bags with all those heavy texts and references, we can have hundreds of them in our small gadget be it a mobile or iPhone or blackberry or Kindle.

Another great feature is the digital search. Ever stumbled upon a term that you want to find in First Aid and is not there in the index! No more, just enter it in the search box and you'll land on the page in no time.

Another wonderful feature is the cross linking and external linking. For example (See Chapter II for details), no this sentence is underlined and linked and with click you are there in no time. Or for example you have First Aid telling you of great website on the Internet, just click on it and you are there.

This will certainly save time, make us more efficient in reading, and best of all it's definitely greener and in many instances it's even cheaper than the paperback editions.

Look at Elsevier's Student Consult website, they quickly realized that students will no longer carry traditional books and they want a digital solution and so they provided it.

Now, in the case of First Aid, they so far made their Q & A for step 1 and their basic sciences available in Kindle editions. But they have not yet provided the mother First Aid Book in Kindle! Let's wish they'll do.

By the way, you can read your Kindle ebooks not only on your Kindle but also on your iPhone and other mobile platforms.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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