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So one month ago I took NBME 1, I mainly took it as a diagnostic to kinda see where I stood in regards to studying. I scored a 192.

Today I took NBME 4 and got a 212, this is a 20 point increase and I am happy about that and I'm also satisfied that I didn't have any bars in the "lower performance" area.

I have been through FA 1.5x's. After a 2 month hiatus from UW, I am beginning to go through it a second time(during the 2 mo's I used Rx). The first time I went through UW I had a 55% avg, this second time I'm at a 74% and I am making an effort that with each question I make a note of why I chose the answer to make sure it's not purely off memory. I have begun to read over topics in the kaplan lecture notes biochem, genetics and micro, ones that I feel weak in at least.

The next time I take an NBME or even UW-assesment exam I would like to see another 20-25 point increase. I am thinking of taking my exam in mid-March. Can anyone give me tips on where to go from here or how to go about studying from here on out, or even if you think I should maybe push back my exam day.

I appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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