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Zohaib Visa Experience (Pakistan)

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Here is my visa expreience, , ,thanks to every1 who helped my applying it, specially Faisal Butt and Umair Majeed . .in my experience they usually ask same set of questions from everyone, so that's why I am writing them down,,

ME: Hello, Good Morning
VO: he smiled, I haven't heard his response, What's your name?
ME: Zohaib Aftab.
VO: Where are you from?
ME: Lahore
VO: Tell me Lahore's food is more famous or Islamabad's?
ME: Lahore
VO: y?
ME: they cook spicy foods, and they eat more,(I felt he wants to visit that's y he asked this question seemed completely irrelevant to visa application)
VO: ok tell me y do you want to go to USA?
ME: to take step 2 clinical skill examination
VO: Which city?
ME: Atlanta, Georgia
VO: Y Atlanta?
ME: Because earliest date available was in Atlanta,(he really loved this answer)
VO: Have you taken step 1 or 2?
ME: Yes I have taken step 1
VO: Can I see your result card?
ME: Sure,
He saw my score card specially graphs,,good score in steps can help you in earning visa
VO: Tell me about your family
ME: My father is doing job in ferozesons press,my mother is house wife, and we are four brothers,,
VO: Are the oldest one or youngest one?
ME: I m de oldest one
VO: Ok tell me what your brothers or sisters are doing, in which institutes they are getting education?
I told him about my brothers institutes
VO: How many doctors are in your family?
ME: I m de first one
VO: Ok so you are the first one and proud one,,
In which subspeciality you want to go?
ME: Cardiology
VO: Y cardiology?
ME: Cardiac diseases are very common here
He was continuously typing on computer, and we had very little eye contact
VO: Are cardiac diseases most common in Pakistan,,
ME: I really got confused to this; I just said actually sometimes they say TB is most common disease and sometimes cardiac diseases ...
VO: Ok suppose you have taken step 2 CS now what?
ME: I will come back to Pakistan and will continue my house job so I can take FCPS part1,he got confused by my answer that's y I told him 2nd part of my plan, and I will apply for residency online . .
VO: Ok who will support you?
ME: My father
Can I see his bank statement?
ME: He saw it thoroughly
From which institute you completed your medical education?
ME: King Edward Medical University
So you are doing your house job?
ME: Yes, in Ghurki trust teaching Hospital . .
he continued typing,,
VO: ok here is the thing, your visa get approved, you will get your passport within 4,5 days from American express, they will call you . .
ME: Thanks . .

Important documents to take for interview:
1. Complete educational record
2. father's bank statement (or the person who is supporting you)
3. Father's job letter
4. ur job letter
5. property documents
6. affidavit of non-immigrant intent
7. affidavit of support
8. ECFMG visa letter ur step 1 score and ur step 2 ck date letter (CK date and permit is optional)
9- Hotel booking receipt or confirmation Email
10- CS permit, date letter
11- if you have mentioned specific travel plans in your visa application then flight booking
12- college transcripts
Everything in original format,no photocopy . .
Passport . . .and interview slip given by American Express . .

Strong Factors for visa:
1- Undergraduates are strong candidates because they provide surety they will come back to country after CS or completing electives
2- Make sure you are doing a job in Pakistan(if you are a graduate),so you can show you have a secure future here,and you are not dying to go to US
3- If you have no travel history,it's good
4- If none of your family members lives in states,very good .
5- You should have more than 5 lakh Rs in your father's bank account . .
6- They are interested in only one thing whether you would come back to country or not?
Will upload more detail,and you are free to ask anything

Thanks . .
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Thanks Zohaib for this post. Can you please tell me if we need to get the simple passport made before we apply for visa interview? (Keeping in mind that we are undergrad and not taken any tep exam yet)
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