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Lara 06-07-2011 06:09 AM

How to manage reviewing books with uworld?
Guys i seriously need advice on how to manage it all

Currently doing 3rd read of whole stuff and doing UW Random time 2 blocks a day. I am having serious problems in managing both reading and doing the MCQs. I do 2 blocks random timed early morning and then read explanation which really takes time, effectively wears u down sitting in front of stupid screen the whole day.
It finishes around 5 in the evening and after that u barely have any energy left to read :toosad:

Another thing I noticed that by doing random blocks, the subjects which I haven't revised yet in my 3rd reading I'm getting simple questions wrong of them like immuno with IL things, glomerulonephritis types. My score is improving but i don't feel like having a grip on them.

What should i do? I have my UW subscription of 3 months, it ends on 10th July. Exam in August. I am reallyyyy Frustrated :mad:

evavar 06-07-2011 07:00 AM

Read FA and FA and FA. No more kaplan. At this moment you should only do FA. I'm doing also UW. Today I stop UW for 15 days to review FA. Try doing that and then continue doing questions.
I decided to do that because I don't want to run out of questions before the exam so I rather read FA now and continue questions after and then another quick review of FA 2 weeks before exam.:happy::happy::happy:

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