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Al-Saoudi 07-20-2011 12:09 PM

My 230/99 Step 1 Experience
I started studying since August 2010 but for the first two months my average was 6 to 8 hrs per day then gradually increased to 10 hrs
I finished all Kaplan books plus BRS physiology and Goljan by the beginning of January 2011 then I enrolled to at Kaplan live lectures for 7 weeks....through that I read the book for the second time in a fast reading

Started Kaplan qbank after that with 2 to 3 blocks per day....I finished it within one month..
Did NBME 5 online and I got 440/ was like a shock for me at that time but i realized it was very important to show me my weak points
then i started reading FA with USMLE world at the same time took me 2 months to finish them
Kaplan qbank 100% 63
NBME 5 440/ 85 3 months before my exam
USMLE world 100% 70 timed mixed unused
then i read FA for a second time ( fast reading ) + listening to Goljan audio and reviewing few topics in the book
read Kaplan pathology and pharmacology 3 times and the rest 2 times.
NBME 12 550 4 weeks before ma exam
NBME 7 600 ( found it the easiest one ) 2 weeks before ma exam
UWSA 1 245 10 days before the exam
UWSA 2 255 5 days before the exam
150 free questions 88 2 days before the exam
also i did NMBE 1,2,3,4,and 6 offline

My Real Score is 230/99

I was referred to this wonderful forum by my friend Harry.......i was checking the questions and explanations daily ....really really helpful ..tnx u guys a lot
Wish u all the best and good luck

rulz 07-20-2011 12:13 PM

Congrats with your score, pretty nice...

What was your Usmle world score ?

Al-Saoudi 07-20-2011 12:36 PM

it was 70 %

usluipek 07-20-2011 01:38 PM

Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Pls keep in touch

Best wish.......

yasirsattar75 07-20-2011 02:37 PM

Tell me that physio graphs and calculation questions were easy ? and tell me how many reads of kaplan u have done ? and do u find FA useful along with uworld ? its good to hear that nbme low score didn't hurt u and u have rocked the step 1 just chill now and enjoy :P and thanx for such nice post

hardik221186 07-20-2011 02:59 PM

hey congrats dude great score :):happy:
best luck for your future

Al-Saoudi 07-20-2011 04:20 PM

tnx alot and wish everyone will get the best
for physio questions, yup there were many graphs questions and also couple questions with many arrows up,down or no change about 95% of physio questions were direct and the rest were doable.
yup FA is very imp to review the subjects.....u have to use it as a review source not as a main book,,,,,i read it twice
for Kaplan books......i read them twice except for patho and pharm thrice as i said in ma post
i had couple questions exactly the same as try to do it as much as u can.
Best of luck to all

sadman216 07-20-2011 07:06 PM

salam brother and congrats for excellent which month u took the exam....

Al-Saoudi 07-21-2011 01:13 AM

june 28th

sadman216 07-21-2011 08:02 AM

so in which month u specifically register for the test? and where did u take it????sorry bro if I'm bothering u.....anyway enjoy ur days and inshAllah u will ace step2 cs

hope007 07-21-2011 09:20 AM

Enough for exam content ?
Congrats Al saoudi , a great result you got there :happy:

If you may help me; i am doing gross anatomy from kaplan and i do feel that the content is very very summarised:toosad: this content what is needed on the USMLE or am i supposed to look over other resources:notsure:
Compared to wht i used to have in university, the book can be considered a joke lol

Please enlighten me :)

Al-Saoudi 07-21-2011 12:33 PM

tnx alot bro....wish u gonna get the best also
well for anatomy...kaplan book was enough except for neuroanatomy ...i faced couple questions with pictures and many labels .....also with a tricky clinical scenarios i think u should read another book for neuroanatomy....for me i just read kaplan book so i dnt knw other sorry
gd luck

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