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freyna 12-10-2014 10:05 AM

Guatemala and Latin America Step 1 experience
Hi! I'm obviously from Guatemala and I'm looking forward to take the Step 1. I wanted to know how was the experience of taking it by other students from similar countries and how much time did it require. I'll be working in a part time job so it will be more difficult for me but I'm up to the challenge!

Please also describe the following so it will be easier to assimilate:

Time needed: ____
Study days per week: ____
Average study hours per day: ____
Scored: ____ (if you want to)
Date of the test: ____
Years since graduation at time of test: ____
Books used: ____
Qbanks used: ____

And any further recommendation you can give :D

And3Mor 02-23-2015 12:04 PM


Im also from Guat, about your poll:

Step 1
Time needed: 10 months, I had already studied a bit like 6 months before but it was like a on/off thing (was too lazy to make up my mind) so fully dedicated it was like 10 months.

Study days per week: almost everyday except for fridays (has to binge watch TV shows), on average it was like 4 hours per day

Scored: 225, only thing I cared about was to pass.

Date of the test: November 2013

Years since graduation: 1.5 years

Books used: BRS Physiology, BRS Histology, HY Neuro and Anatomy and Kaplan notes for everything else (although I did read Physio, Histolo and Anatomy from Kaplan but I liked the other books more than Ks). Then stucked mainly to FA

Qbanks: UWorld, only one I used definetely helpful. Then wrote all NBMEs. Most helpful and accurate probably was No. 7.

Comments: Dont stress out, my POV is also not memorize, info will eventually flow especially if you are practicing it everyday. Have a fixed date for your test and dont stretch it, aim for it. Practice with NBMEs and UW as if you were on the exam, example I used to go outside my place (as far as wifi reached) and then started to answer 4 blocks with 10 min breaks in between block 2 and 3 in a 4 hour period.

And also, Always Trust The Force.

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