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Lets_Ace_USMLE 09-09-2015 01:28 AM

Pharmacological Formulas for STEP 1
I have a new way of remembering the pharmacological formulas for USMLE step 1 and here they are:

1- For half life: CLean Life = Distributing $7 (which is clearance X half-life = Volume of Distribution X 0.7)

2- For Maintenance Dose : Maintaining Bioavailability = CLick It or tiCKet (Maintenance dose X bioavailability = CLearance X t (dosing interval) X CK (Css concentration at steady state).

3- For Loading Dose: Loading Bioavailability = Distributing loads of TiCKets (Loading dose X bioavailability = Volume of Distribution X CK (Css plasma concentration at Steady State).

I hope this helps. I always had problems with remembering these but now I rest assured that there is a good way for remembering those three sentences (clean life equals distributing $7) (Maintaning bioavailability equals click it or ticket) (loading bioavailability equals distributing loads of tickets).

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