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steptaker26 12-08-2015 01:00 PM

Should I delay my exam?
Hello I started my preparation 10 months ago, now I'm planning to take my exam on December 29th.

So far I've taken 4 NBME forms:
11 213 (10/5/2015)
12 232 (10/30/2015)
13 228 (11/16/2015)
16 232 (yesterday)

As you can see It seems I'm not improving since October! I would like to apply for the next year... I was aiming above 250 but right now I feel a little bit down about it because I guess I'm not doing that... I have 20% of Uworld left and my score is 78%... I haven't read first aid yet, I mean in a formal manner, just went through it as I did the questions.

I really don't understand what happens? anyone have had an experience like this one?

Please really need an advice of what to do right now as I feel really confused.

Thanks guys

memoclever 12-08-2015 06:23 PM

If you delay it you will not be sure 100% that you will get the 250, but sure you will not be able to apply for the next year mach... go for it dude.

datson 12-08-2015 08:42 PM

Follow my plan and you will get the highest you possibly can.
All you need is UW and FA.
I hope you are reading at least a block of uworld every day.
Refer FA for every single question.
Read for a minimum of 10 hours everyday and take half a day off a week. Continuity is very important.
Once you are done with uw, read FA exclusively. It should take 2 weeks. This will help you remember what you read weeks ago.
Mark volatile topics like lysosomal storage diseases and confusing bits like whether its cd4 or cd8 cells in polymyositis.
Read these topics once again on the last day and then give an nbme. This could add around 10 to your score.
And finally, don't waste nbmes so early in your prep. Then later when you are done studying, you won't have any tests left to assess your score.
Good luck!

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