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Chito 01-26-2016 09:35 PM

Help in programing my time
Hi! I am an IMG just starting my preparation for step 1. I started with kaplan lecture notes in biochemistry doing about six hours a Day. After 3 days i have only read 60 Pages! If I continue at this pase i Will be finishing my first pass by July! And probably Wont remember a Thing of what I read in this month. My plan is to do the test in 10 months. I hear people finishes the first reading in 4 months.!!! Is too much information. I am making summaries of all topics (well probably copying the book) and is taking forever. I cant read more than 5 hours A Day since I have a job. Please give me advice on how to do the first reading.

drmachado 01-31-2016 05:16 AM

What other material do you have? Can you give me more information regarding your plan so I can help. What material are you planning to review?
I know it is a lot of material but I also feel 6 pages on a day is too little. What is the purpose of the handwritten notes? To understand the material or as a summary to read later??
If you have FA, my advice would be to make your notes on it. That way, at the end of your 1st pass you would added info to what should be your "summary" book.

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