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pg25 05-07-2016 01:36 PM

step 1 study partner
img, looking for skype study partner, f preferred but anybody serious about study is ok, want someone willing to work hard with me to master this horrible test

have completed some prep before
plan to use most kaplan books, pathoma, first aid: will use big reference textbooks only for weakest topics

strong in patho, behavioral, genetics
avg in biochem, pharma
very weak in anat, physio, micro

goal is to give exam and score 230 in exact 6 months from today!

bob123 05-07-2016 09:21 PM

i am also looking for a sp
how exactly do u intend to study on skype ? and do u have any plan charted out ?

pg25 05-08-2016 09:53 AM

study method
my rough study schedule is
3 days each for the following: Gross Anat, Neuro, Histo, Embryo, Genetics, Behavioral main, Biostat/epidemiology (total 21 days)
15 days each for Micro/immuno, Biochem (total 30)
20 days each for Pharma and Physio
30 days for Patho
every week or 10 days Ill take a day off just to do questions on what has passed and look at FA

All of this followed by 60 days in the end for Uworld and First Aid/NBMEs etc

I want to use skype just for the microphone, i can use the phone if its a usa num or some other method as long as we have the same book
depending on how many times a week the other person is interested, to go over what ive learned/what theyve learned, 1 can give a summary and points as the other one follows in a book, or if its a difficult chapter can do questions and explanations and fix each others deficiencies, whatever works

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