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b.abid 10-22-2010 12:22 AM

"Normal" or "Upnormal" forgetness?
Hi all
I've been preparing for step 1 since 6 months and my exam is in two months .. I read all the books ( a combination of Kaplan and BRS and some other series ) once, been through FA twice and planning to start Kaplan and USMLE world QBanks in a week ...

the thing is, I sometimes feel like I've forgotten most of the details I've learned ! I know many say it's a common thing to expect in Step 1 but I keep forgetting very basic stuff! Off the top of my head, right now I cannot remember where sympathetic and parasympathetic chains start and stop in the spine, or the differences between coccidiodomycosis and Blastomycosis, or even if Famotidine is an H1 or H2 blocker! is this normal or is there something wrong in my study strategy ?

I think many of you will think who lame is this, especially those who already did step 1 .. but this is how I feel right now!

b.abid 10-23-2010 12:45 AM

Any one has any idea?
i could use some help here!

Haisook 10-23-2010 02:47 AM

It's normal
I can guess you're actually doing fine, because you remember how 'coccidiodomycosis' is spelled! :)) -- Really, when I first started studying, I had a hard time remembering this magnificent spelling of a disease (owing to not taking this in med school).

Well, I think it's normal. You'll only feel you have a good grasp of the material details one month before the exam (that's in my case, which spanned 8 months of daily full-time studying). So, it depends on when your exam is. Is it tomorrow? then you're in trouble. Is it 2 or 3 months away, you're fine.

Just keep doing questions and read FA.

Good luck.

Sabio 10-23-2010 12:21 PM

Relevant article

Originally Posted by b.abid (Post 18046)
Any one has any idea?
i could use some help here!

Read this

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