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laxitjn 12-09-2010 01:51 AM

Would you help me please
I'm a final year medical student, just finished my final year exams, am giving TOEFL this month to increase my chances at clerkships . I plan to follow this schedule as my 12 month compulsory internship begins 15 March, 2011
Step 1 Oct - Nov 2011
Dec 2011 start elective in US
Feb 2012 give CS in US, arrive back here
April to June - complete internship and prepare for CK
June - July 2012 - Take CK
1 August 2012 complete ECFMG requirements for applying to match and enter it
I am a complete newbie (scared sh**less :toosad: )and require answers to these questions

1. Is following this plan impossible ?, I'm quite capable of forgetting society and putting up long hours, but will this stretch my endurance? :indifferent:

2. How much time should be given for steps? I must complete my 12 months of internship here or I will not get my degree, furthermore, have a study partner, so I might make it ??? it definitely will speed up things but is it enough ??

3. Internship here is taxing, specially 2 month medicine, 2month surgery
but am free in Dec and Jan.

4. Should I not give TOEFL and study for step 1 , as I know I must take an early start, but not giving TOEFL will hurt my already decreased chances at getting a clerkship :(

5. How much time should be given to let the results arrive ? specifically step 2 CS and step 2 CK ?? :sorry:

no niceties here , give me the bitter pill straight upfront :cool: , I am a MAN and definitely up to the task here

Sabio 12-17-2010 12:50 PM

Your plan is completely possible and I can't see any problem in it.

Your questions all answered previously in the forums. Just use the search function above and you'll get what you want.

If you can't find what you need to know post your reply and I'll answer you. Please one question at a time.

laxitjn 12-21-2010 12:55 AM

I have searched your forums and i have found answers to a lot of my questions :),
i just wanted someone to verify if that this plan is even possible , as results of steps often get delayed and all , but as of 20th dec i have started my preparations :rolleyes:. Your website has been extremely helpful upto now and i think i will be posting questions here quite soon
thank you

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