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vagp86 12-26-2010 10:52 PM

Just do USMLE World, don't waste your time and money!
I saw this question repeatedly. This post is your answer to get 99.

I suggest USMLE World. Just do the only 1 qbank (UW) with full concentration. No need to go for more qbanks & waste your money.

Disadvantages of 2 or more qbanks:

1) waste of money
2) suppose UW 2078 questions + Kaplan 2400 questions = 4500 questions almost. If u do 100 ques a day, willl take 45 days. 45 days just for ques? OMG. . . & think, how much u can recall after 45 days? Hardly half, & those are not even with full explanations. That's of no meaning. What is the meaning to read only 4-5 lines of explanation of only incorrect answers?? you'll waste both time & money.

Suggestion: do only UW, not even only Kaplan. Believe me friends UW has 2078 ques including 95% topics. Just solve 1 question, see its right or wrong, read the WHOLE explanation even if its right. Don't miss a single line. Mark the HY question to review at a later date. After reading its explanation, read that topic from FA, note the missing points with the topic. There is enough space in FA. Just do 2078 questions in this manner, you'll see drastic changes in your performance.

Duration: for the above method 2 months UW subscription is enough. If u can afford, buy 3 months.

Source of this post: the above experience is frm review of many test takers, even me. My whole grp has 99, all have used only uw.

alindawater 12-27-2010 11:55 PM

I disagree
I disagree with you completely.
The more questions you do the better you are prepared, look at this poll and you'll see people are saying more than 5000 questions are needed.

UW is good but Kaplan is also good. In fact many recent exam experiences have mentioned that Kaplan is closer to the exam than USMLE World, look at this man for example

Sarah-cali 12-28-2010 12:04 AM

One bank is not enough
I second Alinda here.
UW alone is certainly not enough at all.

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