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lion_art 08-03-2015 11:44 AM

want to ace the usmle step 1 exam? here is how..
Hi, Iím USMLE step 1 tutor. I got 258 in my step 1 exam. Rate $40/h (negotiable)

How are you going to study with me? Well, before that, you need to understand the phases of studying the USMLE. I separate it into at least 2 phases
Phase 1: gaining the knowledge
This phase encompasses understanding, memorizing all the knowledge you will need in step 1 exam. Start with understanding the concept, followed by memorizing it. The more you understand, the easier for you to retain it in your memory. we can follow Kaplan textbook or Firstaid to do that, every section would need at least 1 week, maybe more, maybe less, depends on the subject. If you just start studying, then I will put at least 3 months for this phase to finish all subject. However, some students feel that they are already good in some subjects, so we can just do phase 1 for specific subject that you feel you are lacking. In order to find out which subject that you are lacking could be achieved by doing the nbme or looking at the result from previous qbank or maybe you already realized it yourself.
Everytime you finish a subject, you have to do questions specific on that subject. FA questions and answer or kaplan textbook, or using qbank (other than uworld) is the best way for this.
Phase 2: applying the knowledge
This is the qbank phase. If you are planning to use just 1 qbank, then use uworld. if 2 qbank, then kaplan+uworld. if its 3, then add usmlerx. Now , when I said using qbank, that means: always timed, random! If you plan on using 3 qbank, then donít use these qbank (usmlerx, kaplan, uworld) as your subject base+question source for your phase 1. Do it 1 block/day, never go beyond that

Why phase 1 first before phase 2? Simple! there is no use applying knowledge if you donít have the knowledge! You gain more from qbank if you have the knowledge then try to apply it.
Why just 1 block/day? Because understanding deeply is more important than doing more questions. Reviewing is the part which can increase your score, not just doing questions! Make sure you review, read, and understand every explanation in the qbank (especially uworld)

Sample schedule
8am-12 or 1pm -5 pm: tutoring of specific subject. write down notes everything that I say to you, especially the concept that I emphasize on. Put it with numbers. After we finish, u may take some rest, or review it immediately, but the point is, Put it in Anki flashcard as a form of questions. (putting the concept with number makes it easier to put it in Anki). Review it the same day!. Put the review 1 day after so you will review it tomorrow, or 4 day after if you feel like you understand it so deeply that u wont forget it 4 days later.
The next day we will do the same thing.
Note: never skip reviewing the anki, not even 1 day.
After we finish 1 subject, do question subject base. We can discuss if there is something u donít understand.
Iím pretty sure after u finish the subject, u will feel like you understand and memorize that subject really well. Reason is, I give u the concept/understanding part, while Anki will do the memorization part. When we move to the next subject, you will still review the Anki flashcard everyday. Donít worry about how many flashcard you will make, because even 400 flashcards can be done in <2 hour . the reason is because you review it everyday, so the moment you see your flashcard, the concept will instantly sparks up in your brain. 1 flashcard would be <1 minute to answer, or could be just in a few seconds. This will allow you to think, recall, and answer very FAST. Another great thing about this is, you study ACTIVELY, because you are ANSWERING question, not just reading FA or your notes. Also, because you already review it everyday, the number of card you need to review will not be that much, and the card that more likely to show up is going to be the information that you donít retain very well, which makes you studying more efficiently( Focusing on things you forgot.)
After we finish all the subject, you will still remember the first subject that we discussed perfectly, if you review anki everyday.
By the time we finish with phase 1, if you are dedicated on your studying, Iím almost 100% sure you will get at least 240 on nbme. My bet would be near 250 or maybe more if u already a good test taker. After you done the qbank (phase 2), you will be at least in 250.

What if Iím already in phase 2 (doing qbank) but notice that I am getting bad score at qbank?
bad score could be either 2 possibility: you lack phase 1 (understanding and memorizing). That means, its either you havent understand the concept yet and that made you pick the wrong answer or you forgot things. Step 1 requires BOTH understanding and memorization. The only way to fix this problem is to go back to phase 1 for that specific subject, if not all the subject. Lastly, if you understand and memorized well but still got it wrong, that means there is a problem on TEST TAKING SKILL. Test taking skill encompasses ability to apply knowledge to question and many others (looking at key information, reading the question, try to think of an answer first before looking at choices, use exclusion method, making a well educated guess, etc). to fix this problem we have to do question together, and Iíll see how you think of the question and guide you on the right way of doing it.

How do I get >260?
Memorization and understanding will just get you to 250. Test taking skills will bring you to >260. Your IQ will bring you to >270.
Why memorization and understanding will just get me to 250? Reason is, usmle step 1 is hard. They will more likely to give you questions that you donít know, force you to make well educated guess. Thatís why test taking skill and IQ will play the role.

An almost definite 260 will be:
Do more than 1 qbank, I suggest kaplan+uworld. never beyond 1 block/day, read all the explanation, put it in flashcard, review everyday.
No distraction in your life  the hardest part because we are a living human. Believe me, its hard to be dedicated on studying for months.

Alright so if u are interested, just email me in [email protected] or PM me.

Iíll give u free 1-2 hour tutorial for anki, some chit-chat to get know each other. there are some important stuff I need to tell you about making the flashcard to be more efficient (putting pictures, browse, etc. type of questions to put which should emphasize ďwhyĒ rather than ďwhatĒ, and many other things ), and to make you familiar to the software. All of these will make you review more efficiently.

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