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viv26 05-28-2012 03:50 PM

Scared of CS results
hey all
i took my cs on apr 9th.
These are the mistakes I remember.
Pt closure. Ran out of time.
pt 4--no specific examination (which was the most important for the diagnosis)
--forgot to drape the pt
--wrong diagnosis
Pt 6--An abd case, I stupidly checked BP in both arms. imagine!! I stupidly thought of aortic dissection cos of the acute nature. So, didnt auscultate the abd and incomplete closure.
Also missed FH in his pt note.
Pt 7..didnt auscultate in abd exam
..Didnt mention the need for pelvic exam but wrote it in pt note.
Pt 8..a depressed pt,no MMSE
Pt 10..didnt ask a specific question vital to the diag,so missed the diag in pt note.

The last Pt,didnt address her by name cos I forgot her name as I entered the room, but quickly looked at the table with her data on it and addressed her by name from then onwards.
Soo I am scared. Cant wait for June 20th. If i fail, then its death sentence for me cos I will be looking at 2014 match, and I'm an old grad..
Any fatal experiences that still passed?

Sabio 05-28-2012 04:14 PM

You may read more about this here

I also copied your post there, please don't forget to update that thread with your results.


viv26 06-22-2012 04:27 AM

hi all
i want to let you all know that i passed.i was soooo was 11 wks of torture for me,thinking of the results.I believe what made the most difference was my constant prayers.
my results were mostly borderline,with data gathering more to the lower side.
anyway,who cares?i passed.thanks all for prayers and words of encouragement.

ramakanth 02-16-2015 07:41 PM

one pt scolded me that iam not listening to her properly, two of the patient asked me to repeat the question second time....dont know wat wud happen to cs scared, just scared.....

Dr.OnHold 02-17-2015 12:52 AM

Help! I need a LIVE study partner in LA, ASAP..exam is on March me at [email protected] if interested..

carib22 06-27-2015 02:24 AM

Step 2 CS 2015
Hi there, I recently gave my step 2 cs exam in June 2015, waiting for my results.
I think i did the following mistakes and I need your valued opinion on will I pass?

1. In one case though I did everything correctly but in note typing when I did copy and paste I lost all data from my HPI and PE , I raised my hand and reported it to proctors. Though I write what ever I could on paper in 45 secs remaining. Differentials and Investigations were not erased. and encounter went totally fine.

2. Missed to write investigations in one case due to shortage of time. Though I did everything inside and outside station.

Rest all cases were great, no difficulty at all. So friends what do you think in my case? Will I be able to make it? I am so nervous.

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