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h007 08-21-2013 10:30 AM

h007 CS Experience Passed First Attempt
as this forum helped me a lot with finding an sp ,and during our preparation for the cs exam,i should now post my experience and mistakes so that everyone make sure he/she wont repeat them.

status: img with english as a second language
didnt do any usce
didnt do ck before my step 2 cs
time for preparation about 1 month with the first two weeks just 3 hours per day and last two weeks up to 8 hours per day

preparation material: first aid + mnemonics from different notes + cse videos

1.practice patient notes every single day confident while looking into the patient eyes
3.speak slowly so that they can understand you,they know you are an img,dont try to be a native american
3.good moring,i am dr.... the attending physician today,is everything ok with your room,how can i help you,do you mind if i take down some notes to keep record of what you are telling me
4.use proper draping techniques (i am sorry to hear that and i will be glad to help you in this regard,your health is my primary concern,how is that affecting your daily life,that must be hard i understand) ended questions you have any other questions
7.address the patient with his/her name
8.wash your hands(dont use to much soap haha so that you dont consume much time trying to get it off with water)
9.while washing your hands ,speak with the sp(so tell me about your hobbies,what do you do for the weekends;ohhh that sounds lovely,that must be great)
10.dont repeat painfull examinations,always excuse the patient to untie the drap,tell him what are you examining,tell the sp if he feel uncomfrotable at anytime let you know at once)thank him/her after your physical exam
11.council while you are taking history,dont postpone it till closure in case you ran out of time
12.proper closure,ask the patient if he has any questions and if he understood what you talked about today
13.your physical examination should be very focused(trust me on this one)
14. if a patient with headach;ask if you should turn off the lights
if a patient is coughing:provide a glass of water
if you are examining thyroid:tell the patient that you will ask him to swallow if he needs some water to help him
if a patient is crying provide a napkin and support and tell him/her you are here and ready to listen to whatever he has to say
16.if you screw a case,just be confident and move on thats why they have 12 cases,instead try to learn what you did wrong in that case to avoid it

my experience

1.ran out of time while closing my very first case cause i spent to much time in the physical exam,but i counceled during h/o taking,i guess that saved me
2.two of the sps repeated their challenging questions:didnt seem they were satisfied with my answers
3.misdiagnosed one case
4.didnt council about junk and spicy food in one case of the sps had to repeat what he told me for three times,he noticed i was sweating and very confused
6.didnt do any tvf during chest examination
7.didnt use proper punctuation in my patient notes,sometimes using caps lock and other time just using small characters with spelling mistakes

exam: june 2013 houston

passed with border line ice and high performance in cis and sep

if you have any questions please let me know

bluestars 08-22-2013 03:48 AM

thanks for your post. I took my exam recently and I used the method as you mentioned so Im hopefu to passl. good luck for your other steps

h007 08-22-2013 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by bluestars (Post 210389)
thanks for your post. I took my exam recently and I used the method as you mentioned so Im hopefu to passl. good luck for your other steps

You will do, best of luck

bluestars 08-24-2013 05:30 AM

thanks for your vote of confidence I feel ok about it and I will have to wait till oct for my results!

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