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drlouis 03-21-2011 06:42 AM

Thank You CSEVideo
thank you i just got your one month package and love your videos will take exam after i have viewed them all and keep the forum posted on my opinion of your stuff.
great videos !!!

Sabio 03-21-2011 09:56 AM

You can vote for them here

csevideo 03-22-2011 05:23 PM

Hi Drlouis,
Thank You for your comments and good luck on your exam. If we could be of further assistance please let us know.
Thank You

pattyjn 03-24-2011 02:03 PM

hey louis
i got the platinum package from csevideo a few days ago and i saw the videos i love them if you wanna study let me know leave me a message here and we can discuss it togehter im also using the fa i think this is the best way to ace it what do you think so far, my borhter is amg in la and he used it this way he recommeds this plan he just passed last week

drlouis 03-28-2011 05:53 PM

hey csevideo
yeah thanks i like your videos alot and i highly recommend im gonna try and take the exam in less than a month do you think that will be enough time, i have done the assesment exam a few times and already see some improvement in my typeing i hate to type but i thinki have to since they may have changed the exam regulations, im amg and working a t the same time so your stuff is a big help

hey patty email me let study togehter since we doing the same stuff
[email protected] are youimg or amg let me know your schedule, im at vassar for the last semester where are you located

chulady 03-30-2011 03:35 PM

CSE video

Is CSE video great enough for CS ? I am gonna start to prepare for CS ?
I am considering for CSE video.

drlouis 03-30-2011 06:06 PM

hey hey hey im getting all pumped for the cs im trying to take it in less then a month i just finished clinicals and doing some stuff at vasser so i htink i can pull it off

yeah csevideo is worht it, i wouldnt take the exam without im only saying that b/c my friends tell me hell yes its likethe real exam cant go wrong!

where are all the sps areound here i can use the hosp room if anyone is interesed and in ny send me anemail i posed it another post
later dudes

chulady 03-30-2011 07:30 PM

Yes, Ofcourse. let us know, pls.
Gonna take in May.

drlouis 04-08-2011 06:29 PM

Hi kids I'm back :)

Hey csevideo I'v been following your post and I have to agree with you, I watched all your videos going on second time now we are using it as group

Oops I shouldn't said that!!!

You're right though, the other videos I see on utube have their Hx and PE are way to long to actually use in the exam what I like about your stuff is that I don't have to pick and choose what to use in the exam I can use it all and the timing is good

Thanks for making my life a little easier I'm counting on your program for a first time pass with 3 week prep!!!

pattyjn 04-09-2011 06:34 AM

hi louis i got your messages
im doing the same csevidieo qand fa

Rolandomd 01-26-2016 06:58 PM

Thank you CSEVIDEO.

physiciand 02-04-2017 12:03 PM

hey tod I found this post

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